Frequently Asked Questions

Please Read these before using any of the Font available on our website. This will Clear your all doubts and queries you have.

Are these fonts free for both commercial and personal use?

Yes, they are 100% free for both commercial and personal purposes. You cannot sell or redistribute the font files Anywhere in any digital platform as it is, OTF or TTF Files can not be sold but an expanded font version with modification is allowed to be sold anywhere you like like you can use the fonts in any digital or physical craft projects that you create or sell.

Can I use these fonts for my projects?

Yes, you can use them!

Is there a download limit for the fonts?

No limit! You can download the fonts an unlimited number of times.

Do I need to credit you when using the fonts?

A link back to our website would be appreciated!

How can I support the creators of these fonts?

To support us, follow our social media channels.

May I modify the fonts?

You can modify the fonts after they have been expanded in software like Adobe Illustrator.

How often are new fonts added?

Two new fonts are added to the collection every week.

What should I do if I have an issue with a font?

Please contact us for any issues.

May I distribute these fonts on my own website?

Yes, you can distribute them with a proper link back to

How can I get notified about new fonts or updates?

It’s simple! Click on the bell icon on our website to get notifications, or visit once a week to check for updates and new fonts.

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