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Grab the Chain Free font

Download Now Introducing "Grab the Chain," a striking and versatile font that commands attention with its bold presence and modern aesthetic. This free font is designed to make a statement, whether used for headlines, branding, posters, or any other creative project…

Chain Flower free font

Download Now Introducing "Chain Flower," a captivating and elegant font designed to infuse your designs with a sense of sophistication and charm. Inspired by the intricate beauty of blooming flowers and the interconnectedness of nature, this free font offers a delicate…

Blub Free font

Download Now Blub Free font is a whimsical and charming typeface that adds a touch of playful elegance to typographic designs. Inspired by the fluidity and grace of water, this font captures the essence of fluid motion with its rounded letterforms…
Font Usage Policy:

Crafty Fonts is a website which share Free Fonts Made by Us with Commercial and Personal License.


You can use these fonts in any project you are working on (Both for Digital and Physical Products). Selling of Fonts are not allowed! 

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We Don’t Ask for emails or Subscription for our Website usage. Its FREE for everyone! 

You can also press the bell icon as shown left side to get updates of our new fonts added. Thank You for support!  

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